Customers who like our jewelry and would like to spread the word to all their friends and colleagues, can become ambassadors - they can buy 12 pieces of jewelry per year at 40% off. The jewelry must all be purchased in one order. In exchange for this offer, we require that ambassadors post/share details about our company on social media 12 times per year and also right 12 reviews. To take advantage of this offer, please email us for more details and to be set up with an ambassador code for when you check out.


Individuals or companies wishing to become an authorized dealer for Eternal Gold should contact us at to learn more. Dealers receive 50% off MSRP

Host a jewelry party.

If you are interested in hosting a jewelry party at your house and inviting all of your friends, please contact us for more information. You will receive free jewelry based on a percentage of the sales at your party.